Walks in Nature and Culture of the Marche

What they are and why they're suitable for Everyone…

Oh, yeah… "Excursions", apparently some kind of business, but do not worry; it's nothing as challenging as it may seem!
It is mostly a "walk" through the Protected Areas of the Marche.
Sometimes even in Umbria and Abruzzo.
" Well, but 'walk ' I can do that on my own;
why would I need a Guide? "
... you might be wondering.

But an Environmental Guide before everyone knows places and paths that you may not know or even ignore altogether their existence, and also, at least as far as my "offer" concernes, each itinerary is planned with care and attention to the smallest particular, so that you can live the whole experience through "different eyes".

We walk trails through Parks, Reserves and naturalistically interesting Areas, but each route, each path, has its own peculiarities. And most importantly, leads us to different places.

Thus each "outgoing" gives us the opportunity to discover places around which legends have flourished , where the history is gone, leaving deep furrows, as did Geology. And in each of these places we can "lose ourselves" gently, with no hurry to 'arrive', rediscovering the sense of a past still alive and pulsating, if you might want to listen to my "tales"
Or we may just take the opportunity to relax, enjoy the peace and quiet of a pristine nature and, why not, take some pictures or have a little snack.

And when we come to the end of our journey through Nature, we'll begin the one which crosses Popular culture; made of Festivals, Fairs, Pageants, Parties, Religious Celebrations, as well as visits to Museums or the many Churches and Medieval Villages that characterize this Region like no other in the world.
And heading back home each time a little more "rich" inside.

Ok, enough writing…
I'm going! Who's going to come with me?
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